“I can’t believe Apollo hit me with a god bolt.”“I can’t believe Aiden punched him.”

Jennifer L. Armentrout

Jennifer L. Armentrout - “I can’t believe Apollo hit me...” 1

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“I can’t believe you think that I can’t believe you don’t think that.”

Jarod Kintz
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“I can’t believe you cheated! (Phobos)I can’t believe you didn’t know it. Man, what kind of god are you? I never knew stupidity had a divine representative. Guess I was wrong, huh? (Deimos)”

Sherrilyn Kenyon
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“I can’t believe Sadie’s going to let me have the last word. Our experience together must’ve really taught her something. Ow, she just hit me. Never mind.”

Rick Riordan
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“I can’t believe you bit me there,” she finally said. “But what I really can’t believe is how it felt.”A smile curved his lips. “There are perks to being a vampire. That is one of them. I’ll enjoy showing you the others.”

Jeaniene Frost
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“I can’t believe I’m being coerced by a bird.”

Cate Rowan
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