“Then I realized he didn't know who I was. Part of me relaxed, because if they were playing for Team Evil, I was sure they would have pictures of my face plastered across their bedroom walls.”

Jennifer L. Armentrout

Jennifer L. Armentrout - “Then I realized he didn't know...” 1

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“If you were my child, I would staple you to your bedroom wall.”

Myra McEntire
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“Suddenly I realize that this is what I've been waiting for - a man who depends entirely on me... I dreamed for years of a man who couldn't live without me, a man who pictured my face when he closed his eyes, who loved me when I was a mess in the morning and when dinner was late and even when I overloaded the washing machine and burned out the motor. [My son] stares up at me as if I can do no wrong. I have always wanted someone who treats me the way he does; I just didn't know that I'd have to give birth to him.”

Jodi Picoult
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“Who was that?” I whispered, as if the walls could hear me. They were lined with pictures, a few of which I recognized as being painted by master painters.“Rhys.”“Yeah, I know but… is he my brother?” I asked. I had already decided that he was foxy, so I really hoped that he wasn‟t.”

Amanda Hocking
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“I looked across to his picture on the wall, the one that showed him with a pained look on this face, with a bleeding heart painted on his chest. I knew exactly how he felt.”

Ian Cross
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“He backed me into a wall, caging me in, got in my face and explained he is most definitely into me.”When I was done speaking, her lips were parted and her eyes were glazed.“KC?” I called when she didn’t say anything.“Shh,” she shushed me. “I’m having an orgasm.”

Kristen Ashley
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