“What is that?" I asked, pointing at the ceiling.Part of me didn't expect Aiden to answer, but he did. "It's Phoebe's symbol.""Phoebe? Obviously you don't mean a Charmed one."He snorted.”

Jennifer L. Armentrout

Jennifer L. Armentrout - “What is that?" I asked...” 1

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“Later, the talk turned to all the other guys/girls who were currently hot for the two of them. 'There's this total dweeb named Robert who's always calling me, and I feel bad because he's really nice, but I'm totally not interested,' Phoebe told Pablo.'Believe me, I know what that's like,' Pablo told Phoebe. 'There's this girl at Hunter who's, like, obsessed with me. She's, like, this big fat girl. Ass like a truck. She's always writing me these love letters. Maybe I should fuck her. You know, just to be nice.' (Smile, smile.)'You're so bad.' (Phoebe shaking her head; Pablo loving it; Phoebe loving it, too. What was more ego-enhancing than making dumb jokes at the expense of ugly women? Phoebe could never decide whom she hated more--other people or herself.)”

Lucinda Rosenfeld
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“Who cares what the color means? How do you know what he meant to say? I mean, did he leave another book called "Symbolism in My Books?" If he didn't, then you could just be making all of this up. Does anyone really think this guy sat down and stuck all kinds of hidden meanings into his story? It's just a story.... But I think you are making all of this symbolism stuff up. I don't believe any of it.”

Laurie Halse Anderson
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“There you are," he said when she bobbed up. "I was getting worried." "What are you doing?""Waiting till you're ready to drown." He smiled and eased back down on the seat. "And then I'm going to save your life. Dan did it for Phoebe and I'm going to do it for you.""Dan didn't try to murder her first!" she screamed. "I go the extra mile.”

Susan Elizabeth Phillips
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“I stood there watching Phoebe arrange the pillows and the sheets. She isn't thinking that I... I mean, she doesn't think that she and I would... WHAT?”

James Patterson
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“Listen, haircut...'Did you just call me haircut?' he asked.Yes. You know there's no reason we can't go online. It's crazy.'Why'd you call me haircut?' he asked, touching his hair. 'Is it because I have a great haircut?'You figure it out,' she answered.-Clio and Aiden, Girl At Sea by Maureen Johnson”

Maureen Johnson
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