“I scowled as loudly as I could.”

Patrick Rothfuss

Patrick Rothfuss - “I scowled as loudly as I could.” 1

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“Grace-" He scowled, then laughed. "What the devil is your middle name?""Catriona." she whispered."Grace Catriona Eversleigh," he said, loud and sure, "I love you.”

Julia Quinn
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“I'm sorry about the trouble, Karen," he said, loud and clear, so everyone could hear how reasonable he was being.She scowled up at him, eyes narrowed. Her arm flew almost faster than I could see. The smack of flesh against flesh was loud in the silence, and a small red handprint stood out starkly on his left cheek. "You have no idea how sorry you're going to be.”

Rachel Vincent
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“Oh, come on. I want to see the big-spiky-ball thing.""You do not need a flail." Kanin scowled, as though imagining what I could do with it.”

Julie Kagawa
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“If I hear any more loud voices, you will both be auctioned off on eBay. I could use the extra money.”

J. R. Rain
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“Cupid's not the only one with an arrow," I scowled”

Ellen Schreiber
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