“I believe that one is never more just than at those moments when one admires unreservedly and with absolute devotion.”

Rainer Maria Rilke

Rainer Maria Rilke - “I believe that one is never more...” 1

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“There is nothing more terrifying than the absoluteness of one who believes he's right.”

Libba Bray
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“Was that me? Yes it was. Was that him? No it wasn't.. Just a trick of the woods! Just a moment, One peculiar passing moment. Must it all be either less or more, Either plain or grand? Is it always 'or'? Is it never 'and'? That's what woods are for: For those moments in the woods... Oh, if life were made of moments, Even now and then a bad one--! But if life were only moments, Then you'd never know you had one. First a witch, then a child, then a Prince, then a moment-- Who can live in the woods? And to get what you wish, only just for a moment-- These are dangerous woods.. Let the moment go.. Don't forget it for a moment, though. Just remembering you had an 'and,' when you're back to 'or,' Makes the 'or' mean more than is did before. Now I understand--And it's time to leave the woods.”

Stephen Sondheim
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“There's no one more obnoxious and self-righteous than the self-made man. And no one more admirable.”

Joe R. Lansdale
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“What a test that is: more than devotion, admiration, passion. If you long and long for someone’s company you love them.”

Iris Murdoch
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“I was never more hated than when I tried to be honest. Or when, even as just now I've tried to articulate exactly what I felt to be the truth. No one was satisfied”

Ralph Ellison
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