“A certain bone-deep understanding occurred and my hand tightened around the smaller one I held. It weren't stars we were staring at. The sky was falling.”

Jennifer L. Armentrout

Jennifer L. Armentrout - “A certain bone-deep...” 1

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“Let's see that wrist."I held it out, and Chase's jaw tightened."Look at that!" the medic shouted, staring over my shoulder behind us. The moment I turned my head he grabbed my hand and jerked it toward him, hard.A crack as the bones in my wrist realigned.”

Kristen Simmons
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“The sky is deep black, the stars pressing down brilliantly all around, and I am reminded that we are not beneath the constellations, but among them.p 127”

Michael Perry
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“Both of my hands wove into her hair again and clutched at the soft curls. No matter how I tightened my grip, the strands kept falling from my fingers, a shower of water from the sky.”

Katie McGarry
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“I stared up at the ebbing quarter moon and the stars scattered like a handful of salt across the faraway sky...”

Billy Collins
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“We may not understand why certain things occur in our lives, but we understand who to run to when they do.”

Dillon Burroughs
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